Samuel the Prophet

Samuel the Prophet

The Prophet Samuel, making sacrifices and a single temple that is not located in Jerusalem
How can the experience of Jewish ritual be passed on in the most impressive way possible? How does a person feel when he comes to make a sacrifice and how does he go about it? The Temple Museum in Shiloh, along with a whole array of desert tours, offers an excellent solution for groups staying in the Jerusalem area.
The Shiloh Dwelling (Mishkan Shiloh) or Temple of Shiloh, is a site of worship which, according to the Bible, was active during the period of the Judges, prior to construction of the First Temple by King Solomon. According to Jewish tradition, The Shiloh Dwelling stood erect between 1258 and 889 BCE. Mention of the area, just 30 minutes from Jerusalem, we find already in the books of Joshua, Judges and Samuel.
The sanctity of Mishkan Shiloh was identical to the sanctity of the Temple in Jerusalem.  This is the reason its location and the biblical narrative it is associated with, are so significant. This is the region in which the prophet Samuel was active. Yes, here, in the very areas visible from the various vista points scattered along the hiking paths, visitors can see how the stories from the Book of Samuel come to life.
The sophisticated visitor center provides an almost first-hand experience of the ancient Mishkan, that which existed before the establishment of the First Temple in Jerusalem, showing how sacrifices were offered, how a single God was worshiped, and how priestly shifts were run by the Kohanim (the priests) and the Levites (priestly aides).
The short distance from Jerusalem, along with the new and sophisticated visitor centre, allow groups to come and enjoy a busy day of biblical experiences without wasting long hours on the road. Several sites mentioned in the Bible can be found nearby, all of which are archaeological sites open to the public.
The visitor centre’s team of professionals can also help you build a touring route personally tailored to your preferences. 



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