The Temple Mount Sifting Project

The Temple Mount Sifting Project

Looking for a break from routine? Digging up the history in which the Savior lived

There is no other place like it in the world, and it is right here, a stone's throw away from all of the sites that you are, most assuredly, already familiar with. The Ein Tzurim National Park, adjacent to the Hebrew University's Mount Scopus campus, allows you to be an archaeologist for a day and to touch the remains of the Second Temple. To touch history from the Savior"s lifetime, the coins, the seals and the jewelry.

In 1999 the Muslim Waqf carried out unlawful digs in "Solomon's Stables", a site located underneath the Al-Aqsa Mosque. The Waqf's workers removed the waste and dirt that they excavated to the Tzurim Valley, oblivious to the fact that within that same "waste" lay hidden spectacular artifacts, of the type that can completely shake-up everything that we know of our past. Concerned archaeologists and citizens made haste to the Valley and started to rescue truly valuable pieces from the mounds of dirt, including jewelry and coins, seals and clay shards etched with Hebrew writings from the days of the First and Second Temples. Today, we are given a singular opportunity, to touch our past with our very own hands. Activities at the site are suitable for children, youth and adults, and include a guided tour of the area. 

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