The Promised Land – In the Footsteps of Visionaries

The Promised Land – In the Footsteps of Visionaries

This is the story of pioneering settlers, of the type that come on ships, that settle in the harshest locations and that endure encounters with pirates, illnesses and extreme hunger, which lead in the end to salvation. On the 22nd of September, 1866, a group of faithful Americans from the state of Maine in the USA, arrived at the Port of Jaffa. 157 farmers, carpenters, and various craftsman, together with their wives and children, came to settle a remote land with the belief that their settling of the land will bring the Jewish people back to Zion, and with them, Christ our Lord.

The small colony on the shores of Jaffa were abandoned shortly after their establishment, but served as the base for the German Templar colony, that reignited the settlement activity in the area and, further yet, helped to establish the city of Tel Aviv 20 years later on. Fortunately, it is possible, today, to stroll amongst the wooden American homes that remain erect and have been restored, the still operating hotel and other public buildings, and to admire the labor of those lovers of Christ and of Israel, visionaries and people of faith, and all this along the narrow streets, Auerbach and Bar Hoffman.

Once you have finished touring in between the colony’s colorful houses, Jaffa's charming roads and the seashore, you will be happy to know that very nearby resides the only theater in the world whose entire cast of actors are blind – deaf, the BlackOut restaurant, one of the most famous dark restaurants in the world, where all of the dishes are served in total darkness by blind waiters and waitresses. Here too, we find the results of true vision, that of two artists who founded the "Nalaga’at" Center (an NPO) with the goal of integrating blind and deaf people into society and providing them with opportunities to earn a respectable living.

Details of this chef's restaurant's opening hours and general information regarding the theater may be found at the following link: Nalaga’at.

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