Experience the
Land of the Bible

Experience The Holy Land

  • The Friends of Zion Museum (FOZ)

    Located in the heart of Jerusalem, the Friends of Zion Museum brings stories of love and heroism to the world.

  • The Cradle of Christianity Exhibition- See What you have read in the Scriptures- Israel Museum, Jerusalem

    The new route in the Israel Museum in Jerusalem offers Christian visitors a route through chapters of the history of Christianity and Jesus.

  • The Good Samaritan Museum

    The museum at the Good Samaritan Inn archeological site by Ma’ale Adumim is the only mosaic museum in the country and one of only three in the world. Mosaics and other artifacts unearthed in Judea, Samaria and Gaza are on display at the museum. Some of the mosaics on display have been removed from various sites to protect them from harm, while others are reconstructions. Work on the mosaics, to prepare them for the public eye, has taken many years during which skilled professionals excavated the mosaics, preserved them and, where necessary, reconstructed them. During the preservation process, some mosaics were cast in natural materials such as lime, sand or cement as they would have been in ancient times.

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