Organize a tour to the Land of the Bible for your church members. Guide them through a once in a lifetime journey where it all began.

Following are some steps to take in order to give you all the best experience of the Land of the Bible:



Give the members of your church an online or a printed survey to fill out

The survey includes questions such as:

  • How many in your family could attend a tour to Israel?
  • What kind of accommodations would you require- 3, 4, or 5 star?
  • Have you been to Israel before? How many times?
  • What would be the most important things for you on this trip?
  • How many friends do you know that are interested in our tour?
  • Are there any attendees with special needs?
  • Which season is best to go on a 2-week tour - winter, spring, summer or fall?



Based on the survey, design a schedule and work with a Tour Operator to get pricing. You can customize an itinerary or use a Suggested Itinerary. Find a Tour Guide that best suits your group’s needs. Your trip should be planned at least 4-5 months in advance for maximum participation and reasonable pricing. Tour operators will require deposits to secure flights and hotel accommodations. Check the upcoming Congresses/ Conventions schedule in Israel to find something exciting or interesting for your group.

Please contact us to order the Information Kit that the Ministry of Tourism has prepared especially for Pastors and Leaders.

Contact the regional Israel Government Tourist Office, other Christian leaders, or research this website to gain more information.

Some excellent planning tools are: Maps of Israel, different options for Getting to Israel, a Road Distance Chart, a reference page regarding Facilities for the Disabled, information about the Weather in Israel, and helpful links for Transportation in Israel.



Focus lessons on the biblical importance of coming to Israel. Some inspiring topics to teach could be:

  • Jerusalem is where God says He dwells
  • Israel is where Patriarchs lived and where the Glory of the Great King will return to rule and reign in Jerusalem the eternal City of God
  • Take the journey with Abraham and discover the covenants that God made with the people of Israel, the land of Israel and His Holy Mountain, Mt. Zion



Advertise and market your tour with flyers, e-newsletters, church announcements and radio or media ads.

  • Ask members to blog online and use their social networks to get the word out
  • Other members may have friends at local churches that can also make announcements at their assemblies


Sermon Bundle

Click here to access our free Sermon Bundle with useful tools and information about Israel for you and your Ministry



Hold meetings to discuss the itinerary and to coordinate details of the tour. Keep the meeting focused and decide the items you want to cover before the meeting.

Basic topics that everyone will need are:



Your tour operator can coordinate everything necessary for your group’s first impression of Israel. When you deplane, you will first go through passport control to have your passports stamped, before arriving at baggage claim.  After your group has gathered their luggage, there is an area to claim items at the Israeli Customs department (see Immigration & Customs for more details).

There is a designated area for tour buses where transportation to your group’s first destination will await you.



After your group has had the most valuable experience of their life and the time has come to depart, there is important information to be aware of. Please make sure your group has the following information: Leaving Israel.


Before You Go