Living the Bible – an Unforgettable Experience

Living the Bible – an Unforgettable Experience

The Galilee, even more than Judea, is associated with the life of Jesus. Life in the village or a small town, working the fields, shepherding sheep and biblical life in general, as we are familiar with and as it is told in the Book of Books. This is precisely how we experience the stories: the aroma of the grass, the impact of our sandals on the hard earth, the rocks and the air that we breathe. It is this that sets the Galilee apart from any other place in the world.

Yes, there exist more striking mountains, more impressive trees, and, most assuredly, larger and deeper lakes, but it is the Galilee, and the Kinnereth (the Sea if Galilee) within its boundaries, that make for a different and very special experience. Kfar Kedem, an agricultural farm neighboring the settlement of Hoshaya in the Galilee, offers a biblical experience, just as we might imagine. Laboring the earth, tending to sheep, or creating something together with a glass blower or baker, all of whom are clothed in attire from the times of Jesus, and speak his language as well.

The Galilee region, visited by pilgrims in any case for its well-known holy sites, presents many other attractions, suitable for adults, young people, and even children. How better to pass on to our children, to the next generation, the stories of the Bible, the deep-set beliefs that guided Jesus throughout the many hardships that he endured, if not with our legs. Once on location, you will find descriptions of additional tourist farms that best bring biblical times to life, in the Galilee and outside of it.


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